Copyright © 2012 Pixarra Inc. All rights reserved. Pixarra was founded in 2003 by software engineer and artist Ken Carlino.  Pixarra started at this point as a privately owned software company with goals of using the power of technology to create digital art tools and expand on the digital art world. The first product introduced was Pixarra Sketchbook which was later renamed to TwistedBrush and later to TwistedBrush Pro Studio where it stands today. This software grew to become a digital art powerhouse. In 2009 Pixarra was incorporated and became Pixarra Inc. In 2012, Pixarra Inc started offering it’s fine art printing service. Ken Carlino along with daughter, Angela Carlino, created Pixarra Fine Art Printing to fulfill the physical side of digital art and photos and make them into long lasting, museum quality, prints. For more information please visit . Fine Art Printing Terms and Conditions